What is Kambo and can it help me?

Known as the “vaccine of the forest,” Kambo has also gained renown outside of the Amazon as a powerful treatment for chronic pain, depression, drug dependence, Drug and alcohol detoxificationaddiction to opiate or prescription painkillers, Lymes Disease, migraines, blood circulation problems, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, cancer, HIV, fertility problems, deeply rooted toxins (blood, liver, intestinal detox), fever, asthma, allergies, infection, and negative energies (traditionally known as “panema”). We even have many school teachers receiving Kambo to protect them from getting sick from students during the school year.

Kambo cleans your body on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It is a traditional medicine used by many Amazon tribes and for thousands of years.  Kambo has been used as medicine by the Kaxinawá people, and by many other indigenous groups including the Amahuaca, Katukina, Kulina, Yawanawá, Matses, Marubo and Mayoruna.


                           It is 4,000 times stronger and longer lasting than Morphine.

Kambô wakes up the body to its full natural potential. The people who regularly receive this ‘vaccine’ rarely get sick and have plenty of energy. Restoring a natural balance, it prevents the onset of complaints induced by viruses. Even cancer does not have a chance to grow, in some cases. For the best results, it is advisable to receive Kambô regularly. In the case of heavy diseases, addictions, or accumulated toxins from pharmaceutical medicines, it may be helpful to double the treatments for awhile. In this way, the cleansing effects of the Kambô treatments will build on one another and will last longer.  Many have described their Kambo experiences as a genuine rebirth. Kambo has never failed to deliver a deep transforming experience. 

Kambo is one of the strongest natural antibiotics
and anesthetics found in the world and one of the strongest,
natural ways to empower our immune system.

Kambo is the protective resin collected off the skin of the Giant Monkey frog (Phyllomedusa Bicolor). When introduced into the human body via the skin it immediately scans the body and starts to work exactly where it is needed. We may call this a medicine, but it doesn’t actually work as a typical medicine nor as a drug. It simply wakes up the body’s organs, endocrine system and defense systems to their natural functions.