Kambo is harvested from the skin of the Giant Monkey frog. When the frog gets excited it secretes a milky venomous "sweat" from its skin.  This is Kambo.

Traditionally the frog is "crucified" by 4 sticks and tickled with grass or twig in order to stimulate the release of Kambo.  It is said that the frog is then released unharmed back into the jungle. (photo right)

Rusty Johnson and The Kambo Therapy Group NEVER crucifies frogs.  Not only do we feel it is inhumane and stressful for the frog but when it is released, it is indeed harmed.  The Kambo is a protective barrier. Not only does it protect against predators but is also provides a barrier against virus and disease. If they are released back into the jungle after this protective barrier is compromised they will quickly fall prey to virus and disease. 

So in order not to stress the frog out so much Mr. Johnson extracts the Kambo by gently handling the frog in his hands until it naturally excretes Kambo which is then collected on a small stick and dried. (photo right)

Once the Kambo is extracted Mr. Johnson places the Monkey frog in a shallow bucket of water for several hours in order to give it time to regenerate it's protective coating and then it is released back into the jungle.

This method not only serves to protect and respect the animal but we feel that it provides us Kambo of the best energy, since it was not forcefully taken.  It was given.