Not for you if...

Kambo is very safe when given by a properly trained practitioner however there are some conditions for which Kambo is contraindicated, including:


Kambo is not for people who:

Have serious heart problems. (heart surgery, valve replacement, fluid around heart, pacemaker)  
*Note: Kambo is OK for people with stents, arrhythmia and murmurs.



Are on medication for low blood pressure. 
*Note: Kambo is OK for people with low blood pressure, as long as they’re not on medication for it.

Have had a stroke.

Have had a brain hemorrhage.

Have an aneurism or blood clots.

Lack the mental capacity to make the decision to take Kambo.

Have serious mental health problems excluding depression, PTSD and anxiety.

Are undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy  or for 4 weeks afterwards.

Take immune-suppressants for organ transplant.

Fasting or using colonics/enemas/liver flushes in the 7 days before and after treatment


Have Addison’s Disease

Have current and severe Epilepsy

Are recovering from a major surgical procedure

Are under 18 years old

Are pregnant or maybe so or are breast-feeding a child under 1 year.