Piri Piri Eyedrops

Piri Piri Eyedrops

Like Sananga the use of Piri Piri as eye drops to increase visualization and aiming of the mind, is probably the most remarkable application of this plant. 

 Piri Piri is used by indigenous tribes in Peru to enhance their hunting skills. The tribes also apply the drops to dogs, either in their eyes or mouth, in order to increase their smell and make them become good hunters. 

In Shipibo this word means 'focusing better'. The Piri Piri drops are used to improve the ability to focus in crafts like sewing, painting, embroidery and producing artisan ceramics - which is carried out by the women of the tribe. The Shipibo are famous for their embroidery and textile painting. From a young age, the Shipibo females are initiated by their mothers and grandmothers into this practice. A Shipiba tells: "When I was a young girl, my mother squeezed drops of the Piri Piri into my eyes so that I would have the vision for the designs of my paintings”.

In Shipibo this word can be translated as 'for better vision'. The Piri Piri drops are used before and during Ayahuasca ceremonies, and are told to open up the participant to the world of visions, and to improve his ability to 'see' things on his journey to the otherworld. After the use of the eye drops, visions get more clear and detailed. Shipibo members also say the eye drops are 'for looking far' - enabling an improved ability to foresee upcoming events and intentions.

Only 1-2 drops per eye are sufficient for a powerful Piri Piri session. We recommend to find a calm and quiet place, either in nature, or at home in a peaceful setting and with meditative music. Use it preferably in the evening, so your eyes can rest. Make sure you lie down to enable a good application and leave your eyes closed during the session. To begin, you should hold your eye open and carefully drop 1-2 drops of the liquid into the wide open eye. It is not painful and feels refreshing. It is important to apply one drop to both eyes, and do not wait with the second drop, apply it immediately to balance out the energies on both eyes. Thereafter, you should blink with your eyelids for a short while to distribute the liquid over the whole eye. On the next morning, your eyes may feel a little sensitive and dry. Wash your eyes and face with cold water and it will pass soon. This is part of the cleansing process that takes place during the night.

Cautions: Contact lenses should be removed before applying Piri Piri.


Storage: Please keep the bottle refrigerated.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not certified by the FDA or Health Canada for human or animal consumption. It is sold as a pure botanical specimen only for no specific purpose.